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IL-ALL Silage Inoculant - Approved for Use in Organic Production Systems

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

SIL-ALL is a biological silage inoculant marketed by Auckland-based company Nutritech International Ltd. It has been used on all types of ensiled forage in New Zealand since 1003 as a means of improving the fermentation process and the quality and palatability of the silage. It comprises three different types of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and four enzymes, all of which are already present in the forage itself but are simply added in greater amount when SIL-ALL is applied to the crop at the time of harvest.

All the ingredients in SIL-ALL are nature-derived and it is certified to be GM-free. This information is provided by Alltech, manufacturers of SIL-ALL to the UK based Soil Association in January 2000 and as a result SIL-ALL was added to the Soil Association's list of products approved for use in organic farming systems. Thus, organic farmers in New Zealand can use SIL-ALL with full confidence that it will in no way compromise their organic status.

Any questions on this topic can be addressed to Trish Lewis the Technical Manager of Cundy Technical Services Ltd, who represent Alltech in New Zealand. She may be contacted on 0800 822 322, or by email:

Disclaimer Every precaution has been taken to establish the accuracy of this article. Mike Kettle Contracting Limited does not accept responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions contained in the information.

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